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  • Summer Pastels Inspired Shoe Hack

    Ladies, this weeks shoe hack is very easy. Do you have a pair of unwanted white sneakers seating at home? Well, now you can change them up drastically with only a few steps. First, decide what colors are your favorite in our case we were inspired by summer colors therefore we choose pastels Sharpies. Next make […]
  • Do’s & Don’ts

    Everyday we are challenged with putting together the right pieces. What ever your style is you must always embrace your style, beauty and figure however there are time that we need some guidance. In this case we are sharing some of the best Do’s and Don’ts for this summer. Don’t forget the “little white dress”. It’s […]

    Celebrities, fashion bloggers and you are most likely wearing these 70’s inspired trend. Why do we love them? Not because they bring us back to the Disco decade or they give us a bohemian vibe. We love them because of the simple reason that they make us look 4-5 inches taller!!! Enough said! We are having a […]
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